GAS is YOUR  local dealer for numerous companies including Center Seeds, cover crop selection, and Brodbeck Seeds, crop seed selection. While we specialize in servicing the North Central area of Indiana we have the ability to service many states and have a good selection of DROUGHT  resistant products.

 Please contact us for specific product information.

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                    CASH CROP PRODUCTS       

  • Corn - GMO & Non-GMO Varieties
  • SWEET Corn 
  • Soybean - GMO & Non-GMO Varieties
  • Wheat
  • Alfalfa Hay & Pasture Mixes 
                  MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS    

  • Grasses - Forage & Turf
  • Deer & Wildlife Mixes
  • Summer Annual Crops - Buckwheat, Sudangrass,Sorghum-Sudangrass, Teffgrass
         COVER CROP PRODUCTS        

  • Cereal Grains - Oats, Rye, Fall Triticale, Winter Wheat 
  • Brassicas - Kale, Rape, Turnips, Mustard
  • Clovers - Crimson, Red, Sweet, White Dutch, Alsike, Berseem, Mammoth Red, Kura, Ladino
  • Peas - Atusrian Winter, Cow, Forage
  • Radish - Nitro Radish
  • Rye Grass
  • Vetches - Hairy,Lespedeza, Chickling
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